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Enrollment   VCS Eligibility and Enrollment Policy


The Villages Charter School (K-12) operates by a Charter Agreement approved by the Sumter County Board of Education and the Florida State Department of Education.  Unlike traditional county schools, our enrollment criteria are based upon one of the parents/guardians/ place of employment rather than geographic address of their home. Click Marketplace to see the list of qualifying business partners.

Qualifying Employment

Employment is verified on each new applicant, and will be verified on a monthly basis for all enrolled students.

Category I - Direct employee of any business identified as a Villages Company.

Category IIAny Community Development District or Special District over any portion of The Villages and Business Partners under direct contract (other than a lease) with a Villages Company. Business Partners in this Category include those providing construction services, maintenance, or other similar services, or supplying general support services such as legal or accounting within The Villages. Only those employees that are working on Villages Projects qualify. Under “direct contract” refers to the relationships between Category 2 Business Partners and a Villages Company. The work and/or services provided to the Villages Company must be regular and on-going and that work must be paid for directly from the Villages Company. For businesses who perform regular and on-going services to a Villages Company, but who also performs services for other businesses and residential (non-Villages Company) – only that work provided to and paid for by the Villages Company will be considered as under direct contract, and only those employees performing those services under direct contract work are eligible for the benefits of The Villages Charter School.

Category III Business Partners who lease directly from a Villages Company or that own a permanent business site purchased directly from The Villages and from which they operate their business within The Villages.

Category IV Business Partners that lease a permanent business site from a non-Villages entity or that purchased a permanent business site from a non-Villages entity, from which they operate their business within The Villages. The Villages Charter School Enrollment Committee will review each applicant in this Category to confirm, in its sole discretion, that the Business Partner participates in and benefits the development of The Villages.

Please call the Enrollment Office (352-259-6848) to determine if a business is qualified for enrollment.

Parents who work full-time (40 hours per week) are given priority over parents who work part-time (more than 20 hours, but less than 40 hours per week).

Employment eligibility does not guarantee enrollment. Other factors (such as available enrollment slots and the new student's prior year attendance, discipline and special needs) all considered.

New Enrollment for the 2019-2020 School Year

Open enrollment for new students for next school year will begin on March 4, 2019. Pre-Eligibility Application Packets will be available in the Enrollment Office starting March 4, 2019.

We will contact Category 1-Full Time students first then accordingly depending on your category of employment. 

Placement is based on the category of employment for the parent.  Priority is given to full-time employment versus part-time employment.  All placement is governed by the enrollment sequence.

Parents are notified by phone if/when we have a seat for their child. They are given 5 working days to provide the documentation required for enrollment (see list below).

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Record
  • Report Cards
  • State Testing Scores
  • Transcript for High School Students (Unofficial)
  • Social Security Card
  • Recent Physical (Form DH3040-CHP-07/2013) All grade levels - Form E2 (Middle & High School) if the student anticipates trying out for / playing sports
  • Additional education documents (Individual Education Plan (IEP), Response to Intervention (RTI), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), English Language Learner (ELL), 504 Plan, etc.)
  • Court Order Papers (if legal guardian)   
  • Marriage License (if step-parent is the qualifier or if step-parent will be performing Parent Involvement Time.)

2019-2020 School Year Re-enrollment

The Villages Charter School processes re-enrollment each spring for those students currently enrolled and wishing to return the following fall for the next school year. All parents must 're-enroll' their children for the 19-20 school year by logging into the Family Information website. As long as current eligible employment is in place and all Parent Involvement (PI) hours have been completed, the "Enroll" button on this page will allow parents to re-enroll for the upcoming school year.


Pre-Enrollment Eligibility Application-One application per household (covers all children in the household).

Authorization for Release of Employment Information-Signature of qualifying parent. This form gives the Enrollment Office permission to verify employment. The form must be notarized.

Proof of Employment-This form is filled out by the employer. It also requires notarization of the supervisor, business owner, or authorized representative. 

Petition for Continued Enrollment-This form is required when the qualifying parent no longer has qualifying employment.  You may “Petition” the school for continued enrollment for short periods of time.

Changes in Employment

It is the Parent/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to notify the Enrollment Office of changes in employment. Employment of the Parent/Legal Guardian is verified on a monthly basis. Our School Board Policy states that upon the loss of qualifying employment, the student is immediately not eligible for enrollment into The Villages Charter School (VCS). If you have not gained new employment, then you may petition the school board for continued enrollment until the end of the “school term”. “School Term” may be the 9-week grading period, the end of the Semester or other natural break in the school calendar.

If you have enrollment questions, please contact Debbie Paxton, Enrollment Coordinator.

Central Office located within the VCES 4th & 5th Grade Center

Phone:  352-259-6848              Fax:  352-259-3850

Website Accessibility

The Villages Charter School (VCS) is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to people with disabilities. If you use assistive technology and are experiencing difficulty accessing information on this site, please contact to gain access to inaccessible content or functionality of online content. To file a formal grievance under Section 504 and Title II with VCS please contact Patrick Murphy, Instructional Technology Supervisor at 352-259-2350.