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Dear Parents, families, and students,

                                         We had a wonderful week of learning. I would like to take a moment and say a huge thanks to Mr. Setser for coming in on Friday and talking about your time in the Navy. The children really enjoyed hearing about your experience, and seeing all of the awesome items you brought along.

                                        Your child brought home their holiday pictures this past week. Please have payment or return the unwanted pictures turned in by December 1st. November 15th will mark the quarter mid-point. In regards to AR goals, your child should be at 50% of their nine week goal with at least 80% comrehension.  

                                         In reading this week, the following skills will be covered.

                                                 Comprehension skill: Author's purpose

                                                 Comprehension strategy: Rereading

                                                 Grammar: Verbs

                                                 Vocabulary strategy: Similes

                                                 Phonics: long a: a, ai, ay, ea, ei, eigh, and ey

                                                 Text genre: Expository text

                                                 Anchor story: I Fall Down

                                        Rewriting 2-digit subtraction, adding to find differences, problem solving including subtraction, writing equations to represent subtraction, and solving multi-step problems will comprise the math lessons for the week. The children continue to have success with the subraction facts. They will have another fact assessment on Wednesday. Once we return from fall break, the fact practices and assessments will switch to mixed addition and subtraction. As always, if your child needs extra help, please visit  or for additional practice.

                                        The children have finished our unit on basic needs and environments. As an extension project, they have been researching an animal of their choice. They will present their information this week. I believe that they really enjoyed learning about their animal choice. We will begin our unit on forces and motion this week, but will take a break towards the end of the week to talk about the first inhabitants of America and the first Thanksgiving. We will finish up forces and motion when we return from break.  

                                        I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, please be careful. Enjoy your time with family and friends celebrating everything that you are thankful for. May your week be a productive one. Please remember to contact me with any of your questions or concerns.







Mrs. Caputo



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