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Dear Families,

* Save the Date.  Our classroom awards program and breakfast will be held on Tuesday, May 16th 8:00 - 9:00a.m.  

 It has been a pleasure teaching your child this year.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting your precious child to me this school year.  I am so proud of their personal and academic accomplishments.  

             Please check out every month our classroom's newsletter.  You will find the newsletter down below in the pdf documents.               

Thank you again for helping your child by checking their homework.  I know as a parent that it takes that extra inner strength to do that each school night.  Our children are so worth it.  I see already the heart and determination they bring to learn and enjoy school.

          Parents need to sign off on the Parent Log Sheet located in the clear protected sheet located in their binder when your child is ready to A.R. test on a book. 


Ms. Freitag


 Our lunch time is from  11:46-12:11 p.m. in the 2nd grade cafeteria and you are ALWAYS welcome to come and eat with your child. 

The best way to communicate with me is by e-mail.  My e-mail is


 Important Dates:    



  On my website each week will have our Study Guide.   It lists all the skills, vocabulary, and spelling information of the week. This is wonderful to look over with your child, and discuss what we will be covering in the classroom.

 In the front of your child's binder is their AR log sheet and backside is their AR tracking sheet.  Please fill out the AR log sheet when your child is ready to take their AR test.

The second sheet protector contains their ConnectEd login information, which is our online access to our Reading and Social Studies curriculum. Backside is our Think Central login information, which is our online access to our Math and Science curriculum.   T

  As you have seen, I like to include with the Math homework page (black and white), our classwork. If your child is having problems with the homework page, a great tool is to go back and look what we did in class that day.  Also, some of the math strategies used are not at all how we (parents) did it.  I tell the students that your parents may not understand so you will have to teach them!!  They love that.  If you can teach it, you know it.

 Math Websites to help with math fact practice:   Remember to time your child for 2 minutes on their fact practice.  Check their answers and have them fix their mistakes and complete any problems that were not done.





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