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My name is Steve Zimmerman and I am the Athletic Trainer at VCS. I bring 23 years of Athletic Training experience to Buffalo athletics, 20 of those years in the secondary school setting. I am excited to provide quality care to the Buffalo and look forward to the successes of the many teams and programs at VCS. I am responsible for the 25 sports offered here at VHS. I also provide services for the 11 sports offered at VCMS on an as needed/on call basis. I hope you find this page informational and helpful to the purpose of Athletic Training at VCS.

As a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer my number one goal is to prevent injuries. When an injury occurs due to participation in activity I provide initial emergency care, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and set up and supervise rehabilitation activities for the injuries or medical conditions of the student athlete at VCS.

When an injury or illness occurs in athletics/activities it is imperative that the student, parents/guardians, coaches and all involved in the care understand the injury, the referral process (if needed) and the care needed to help the athlete successfully return to their sport. Please read through the process listed below for VHS athletics so there is a clear path forward for athlete injury assessment and return to activity.

* Any injured athlete should immediately report their injury to the athletic trainer or a coach at the time of the injury in order to allow proper evaluation and treatment of the injury. Do not wait for it “To go away/get better” as it may cause delay in the athlete returning in a safe and timely manner to their sport.

* If the Athletic Trainer (AT) deems it necessary for the athlete to have further evaluation of their injury the parents or guardians will be notified and all paperwork will be provided to them. As with any injury the parent/guardian makes the ultimate decision to seek further care for their student athlete. If you, the parent/guardian, choose to seek further medical evaluation please notify the AT so that proper paperwork and documentation can be supplied. Also after a follow up with a medical provider all directions/instructions from the provider must be returned to the AT in written form to allow rehab and/or return to play to take place. Please keep the lines of communication open with the AT and coach at all times. If you follow up with a medical doctor or provider you must provide a written release from that provider in order to return to activity.

* All injured athletes should report daily to the Athletic Training Room for their rehab activity or treatment until released by AT or medical provider. Athletes will work with AT to schedule appropriate times for visits.

* The Athletic Training Room will be open most days from 7:15am until practices begin after school and then athletes will need to follow up with me at my practice or game location. I will have times open for rehab activity over the lunch periods as well as working with PE teachers to provide services during those class times if acceptable.

* Please keep in mind that if your athlete sustains a concussion they will have to follow a much more stringent protocol for safe and proper return. The return process will still be overseen by me, but they will follow up with a physician immediately after injury and then again when symptoms subside, for release to begin return to play activities and eventual release to sport.

* We will be using Healthy Roster as our injury reporting platform this year. The benefits of Healthy Roster are amazing. Once the students are input into H+R the parent/guardian will receive an email asking them to sign up for the app. Once you have signed up you will then have access to your students' injury information and be able to communicate with me via the app. Coaches will also be included in H+R notifications so they can be up to date on injuries.

If you have any questions or concerns please call (352)259-3777 ext 1332, I am happy to discuss your student’s injury/issue with you. You can also contact me by email at

Thank you for supporting VCS Athletic Training.

Steve Zimmerman, MS, LAT, ATC


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