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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!  Students - I am looking forward to a great school year with all of you! If anyone ever needs to contact me, please do not hesitate to email me: 

Accounting Applications (5th & 6th)

Business Communications & Technology (1st - 3rd - 4th & 7th)

Who Am I?

I am originally from Cape May County, New Jersey, where my summers were spent on the beach or boardwalk.  This is my second year as a Buffalo, and 10th year in education, Let's Go Buffalo!  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Palm Beach Atlantic University. I spent several years in the business world before deciding to purse a teaching career and return to earn my Master’s degree in Education.  I have coached both basketball and football at the middle and high school levels.

Course Requirements:

  1. A working jump drive/USB -- each student must have their own, sharing is not allowed. 
  2. Pencil/Pen and lined paper (a small 50-80 page single subject notebook should be sufficient for note-taking).
  3. A good attitude and to remember your Moodle log-in credentials. 

Professional Behavior Points!

In my classroom students will have the opportunity to earn a Professional Behavior (PB) grade.  Your student will be able to earn (5) mastery points per school day.  PB points will be entered into the gradebook at the end of each week. Students that are absent from school/class may earn these points by sending me an email to let me know they will not be present and their potential plans about their return date and how to make up any missed lectures/readings/assignments.  Just like in the real-world workplace, we are required to withhold a specific demeanor and as this course is a part of the career education, students will be expected to practice their professional approach.

The grade is simple and consists of:

  1. Be punctual:Student is in assigned seat, logged into his/her computer, and working on bell ringer before the bell rings. 
  2. Possess a good attitude: Student is behaving professionally; ex. raising hand to speak, does not interrupt the speaker, and uses manners and appropriate language/tone (no profanity).
  3. Be Respectful:Student demonstrates respect to the teacher, his/her peers, and classroom property (chairs, tables, computers, teacher's desk, etc.)  This includes no writing/gum/stickers on the chairs, desks, computers, walls, etc.
  4. Time Management: Student uses class time efficiently and effectively, stays on track with task assigned (without reminder).
  5. Rules & Procedures: Student follows the classroom rules accordingly; signs-out/in/takes a pass to leave the classroom, keeps workspace tidy, logs out of computer, desk chair pushed in, in school uniform/lanyard, etc. 

Extra Credit Opportunity: Current Event

Your student will be required to pick an article that relates to Accounting/Budgets/Sales or Business Communication and Technology in any school appropriate industry that is of interest to them.  Assignment includes: (1) write a summary of the article (250 words minimum), (2) what you learned and how it relates to Accounting or Business Communications & Technology (250 minimum).  Please use credible sources; local, national, and international (online, newspapers, business journals/magazines Ex: Forbes, Entrepreneur, and/or Business Insider).

  1. Select a current event (within the past year) that relates to Accounting/Business Communications & Technology in some way. Make it fun for yourself and search for an article that involves one of your favorite brands/companies/industries (sports, cosmetics, government, etc.). Use MLA standards; 12-pt font, Times New Roman, 1" margins, double-spaced, etc.
  2. Ensure you use a credible source and reference the article accordingly (Works Cited Page). 
  3. Please create an outlineto show your writing-planning process, submit the outline along with your summary and Works Cited Page. 
  4. Write (250 words) on the summary of the article itself. Don't forget a creative title and ensure you are using your own words; DO NOT COPY AND PASTE.
  5. Write (250 words) on how it relates to Accounting or Business Communications & Technology and what you learned*Remember: Quality over quantity.
  6. Submit your current event (email/print) to Mr. Blake.



Mr. Blake, M.Ed.


PDF documents
Accounting Applications - Syllabus
Business Communications & Technology - Syllabus
Classroom Management Plan - Business Classes

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