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Welcome to the Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 school year at The Villages High School!

This semester, all of my classes are Dual Enrollment college classes.  I have three sections of PHI 2630 -- Contemporary Ethics and three sections of POS 2041 -- American National Government.  Since these are college classes, all work is done through Canvas, the Learning Management System used by Lake-Sumter State College.  I have included each class's syllabus below.  


As a class, Contemporary Ethics is intended to introduce students to the branch of philosophy called "ethics."  People feel very strongly about moral judgments, whether it is what is right to do for a friend, what is right to do in society, or what is right to do in a global context. Yet for something so important, moral judgments cause much disagreement. Moral philosophy aims to get at the heart of these disagreements, to determine what the ethical life is really like. This class will provide an introductory, but in-depth overview of various normative ethical theories and how those theories might be applied to contemporary issues. We will also analyze metaethical questions such as the objectivity of morality and the source of moral knowledge.  Throughout the semester, students will acquire the ability to comprehend, conceptualize, and critically examine ethical claims and recognize god and reasoned arguments. As an academic discipline, Contemporary Ethics is important for two reasons: (1) it can help improve critical thinking skills and (2) it's a good way to gain the tools necessary to examine and live an ethical life.  

The scope and emphasis of POS 2041 (American National Government) goes beyond a general understanding of civics to incorporate the core concepts of the American system of governance, the workings of its myriad of actors and agencies, the key components of “politics” in the American system, and how American government shapes and influences the individual freedoms and rights of its citizens. In the first unit, American Political Foundations, students will consider the core concepts and theoretical underpinnings of the American system of government: American political culture, the Constitution, and federalism.  A solid grasp of these concepts will help them better understand the underlying basis for the structure of the American political system. In the second and third units, American Political Behavior and Linkage Institutions, students will explore the processes by which citizens learn about—and get involved in—politics, including political socialization, public opinion, voting and elections, the mass media, political parties and interest groups and examine the organizations and processes that impact not only candidates and voters but also the political and electoral landscape.  The fourth unit will analyze the major governing institutions in the United States: Congress, the presidency, the bureaucracy, and the courts.  In the fifth unit, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, you will discover how American government shapes and influences the individual freedoms and rights of its citizens.  In our final unit, Policy Making in American Government, students will take a close look at US social, economic, and foreign policies and the ways in which the broad themes of constitutional principles, political behavior, and governmental institutions have intersected to shape them. 

Remember, if I can ever be of assistance to you or your student, please let me know!  The best way to contact me is through email: -- I will strive to respond to each email within 24 hours.  


Dr. Greg Brooks

352-259-3777, ext. 1121


TRAVEL INVITATION: In July 2020, I am hosting a 10-day trip to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome.  There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, February 7th in VHS Room 121 to discuss the details and logistics of the trip.  For more information, see the attached materials related to the trip.




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