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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de la Señora Hubbard!

This is my fourteenth year at the school and my thirteenth one teaching Spanish. During the academic year 2019-2020, I will be teaching Spanish 2.  I am really excited to be at The Villages High School and to have been given the opportunity to teach you Spanish, not only my first language but also a language that I love.

Let me tell you how I ended up at The Villages. I was born and raised in Argentina. Once I graduated from high school, I went to college for a Bachelor's Degree in English-Spanish Translation. After obtaining my degree, I decided to come to the States, namely Michigan, in order to attend college. It was there, in the city of Ann Arbor, where I met my husband Greg and worked as a full- time translator. Three years went by and we decided to move down to Florida, following my husband's family. Of course, as soon as I saw these beautiful facilities and the great working environment, I realized this was the place where I wanted to grow in my professional career as well as to have my children receive their education.

I am really looking forward to getting to know each one of you and learning a lot of Spanish together. Learning a second language will be challenging sometimes, but it will also be rewarding and exciting many other times. You will not only learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar, but you will also achieve some understanding of the Hispanic culture. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact me whenever you have any questions or concerns. Being inquisitive is fundamental when learning a second language.

Let's get to work! ¡A estudiar se ha dicho!

Sra. Hubbard 


 Clases de Español de la Sra. Hubbard ~ Supply List


  1. Bilingual English/Spanish Dictionary (paper copy or phone application)

  2. 5/2- inch binder with pockets

  3. 3-hole punched, loose or top-bound notebook paper

  4. 6-tab binder dividers (Labeled: “Información General” (General information), “Timbre” (Bell ringers), “En Clase” (In Class), “Cultura” (Culture), “Tarea” (HW), “Pruebas/Exámenes” (Quizzes & Tests)

  5. 1 set of headphones/ earbuds/airpods

  6. 500 blank/lined index cards

  7. Black, blue and red ink pens

  8. Highlighters

  9. # 2 pencils

  10. Erasers

  11. One box of tissues (last names A - P)   Lysol Wipes (last names Q - Z)


We will have a great year learning Spanish together! ¡Hasta Pronto!!!



  • Tutoring or Makeup Work: Please communicate when you will be coming in (Sign-in Sheet is available in class) and note  the available times below: Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:50 to 3:20.


  • Absences Make-up Work: To receive credit for missed work due to an absence, a student must turn in assignments upon returning to school within the number of days missed plus one day except as noted under the Consequences section of the Disciplinary Policy of the Student Handbook. However, any assignment that has a previously determined due date, that due date must be observed unless arrangements have been made with the assigning teacher.  Any variation of this must be approved by administration. When coming back from an absence, check the teacher connection page on the school website or your Google Classroom. There, you will find what we did in class while you were absent. If after visiting these pages you still have questions or doubts, feel free to speak with me before or after school, not during class time. On the top corner of your make-up work write down your name, class period, the current date, and the date you were absent.


  • Make-Up Tests/Projects & Papers: If you are absent for a quiz or a test, you will have five (5) school days from and including the date of your return to complete the test. It is your responsibility to contact me in order to make up a test.  Also, papers and projects that were assigned a week or more prior to your absence will still be due on the assigned due date regardless of whether you are in school.  If you are absent on such a date, it is your responsibility to submit the paper or project via email or by having someone deliver your work to school on the due date. 


  • Class Work and Homework Assignments: In order for each of you to strive for excellence and do your best at all times, assignments will be graded on correction and/or completion. You will not be notified in advance which assignments will be collected and how they will be graded. Make sure that you complete all the assignments according to the described expectations, and you will do great!!! 



  • Español Santillana HispaNoticias: 

    Simply click on the Spanish level and then countries, regions and themes below to access a wealth of articles in English and Spanish, many of which include audio and video support. Questions follow each article to support comprehension.


  • Español AP Lengua y Cultura "Temas" Textbook Official Website:  Supersite In your Supersite account, you will complete classwork, homework, and sometimes assessments. Also, you have access to the Textbook itself as well as all the accompanying material. Another website that you will use is Pearson SuccessNet Plus for the textbook AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination.


  • Español II: The sign-on information for Google Classroom, Moodle, Quizlet and Schoology are posted below in the document titled "Spanish 2 Accounts. 


  • Español II: Review activities for each lesson are posted on Moodle site.  Also, refer to Quizlet for Vocabulary Lists and some more grammar review. 



PDF documents
AP Spanish Language & Culture Syllabus - Authorized by AP College Board
AP Spanish Language & Culture Test Format - Homework Link is included here.
Classroom Management Plan 2019-2020 - STUDENT & PARENTS: SIGN & COMPLETE LAST PAGE
Direct vs. Indirect Object Pronouns -
How to make accent mark in a Chromebook -
How to make accent marks in an Office Document -
Oral Rubric ~ Interpersonal Communication - Spanish 1 - AP Spanish Language and Culture
Oral Rubric ~Presentational Communication - Spanish 1 - AP Spanish Language and Culture
Spanish 2 Final Exam Study Guide - Vocabulary, Grammar, and Culture
Spanish 2 Preliminary Unit Grammar Notes -
Spanish 2 Preliminary Unit Quiz #3.Study Guide -
Spanish 2 Preliminary Unit Review - En resumidas cuentas...
Spanish 2 Semester Exam Study Guide - Preliminary Unit, Units 1 & 2 Vocabulary & Grammar
Spanish 2 Syllabus -
Spanish 2 Unidad Preliminar. Vocabulario Extra -
Spanish 2 Unit 1 Culture -
Spanish 2 Unit 1 Grammar Notes -
Spanish 2 Unit 1 Study Guide - Grammar, Vocabulary, & Culture
Spanish 2 Unit 2 Culture -
Spanish 2 Unit 2 Grammar Notes -
Spanish 2 Unit 2 Study Guide -
Spanish 2 Unit 3 Culture -
Spanish 2 Unit 4 Grammar Notes -
Spanish 2 Unit 4 Study Guide - Vocabulary and Commands
Spanish 2 Unit 6 Grammar Notes -
Spanish 2 Unit 6 Study Guide for Exam -
Spanish 2 Unit 6 Study Guide for Quiz -
Spanish 2. Unit 3 Study Guide -
Spanish 2. Unit 4. Summary of Present Tense - To use as reference when forming Commands
Spanish 2.Unit 3 Grammar Notes -
Spanish IV Honors Syllabus -
Writing Rubric - Spanish 1 - AP Spanish Language and Culture

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