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Have a great summer!


Students and Parents interested in the summer 2018 trip to Berlin, Prague and Lucerne: 

Below you will find the pdf of the powerpoint I used at the meeting. Some of the numbers have changed since then, but the trip details have not. The link to the trip's site is

See me or send an email if you have any questions.



For the ambitious members of the class of 2018 who'd like to get an early start, click on the images below to see the Crash Course playlists on economics and on government. These are a good start. Don't worry if it doesn't all make sense just yet - it will. If you'd like more, just email me and we can talk.

Economics     Government








Disregard these calendars for the time being. They will be updated as the summer and school year progress.

 First and Third Period:



Second, Fourth and Sixth Period: 



Seventh Period:


PDF documents
American Government Syllabus - Description of the class
AP US Government and Politics Syllabus - Description of the class
Berlin-Prague-Lucerne trip - Information about the 2018 trip to Europe
Classroom Management Plan - General Description of Class Rules
Economics Honors Syllabus - Description of the class
Economics Syllabus - Description of the class
POS 2041 Syllabus - Description of DE American National Government