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NOTE: Please remember this Teacher Connection Page is dedicated to my ENG I Honors (9th grade) students. AP Language and Composition students can refer to our class website or Google Classroom for information.  A link to the class website can be found in Google Classroom under the About tab.


Notebook Notice

Starting the week after break, students MUST have a notebook with them in class each day. We will begin sentence diagramming and this is NOT something that can be done on the computer.  It is also not something that can be done on a random piece of paper only to be lost/misplaced by the next day.  Please be sure your student has a notebook in their backpack that can be used for this purpose. I do not mind if the notebook is shared with another class.  I will not be collecting it from students, but I will be checking it daily for bell ringer progress.  


Week of November 27, 2017

This week we begin our next unit during which we discuss and work on argumentative writing with a keen focus on paragraph development (claim, evidence, elaboration, explanation, opposing arguments, counterclaims/rebuttals).  In addition, we will be working through sentence diagramming to stengthen your understanding of parts of speech and sentence structure.  I am also excited to share To Kill a Mockingbird with you. We will spend the next few weeks reading this novel with a primary focus on character analysis of Atticus and his use of rhetoric in the novel.  

A suggested reading schedule will be posted in Google Classroom over break.  Students will check out the novel the week we return.  



After School Hours

Week of November 13 - November 17 - I will be here after school every day except for Friday this week.  Firday I will be leaving by 3:15.  

Week of November 27 - December 1 - I will be here Wednesday through Friday this week.  


Upcoming Important Dates/Notes

  • "I Have a Dream" packet/in-class annotations completed and handed in - due Friday, November 17
  • Parallel Structure Quiz - Friday, November 17
  • "I Have a Dream" assessment - Friday, November 17
  • Speech Analysis project due Friday, November 17 - *Students participating in Science Fair can see me if they have concerns about completing this in time; I want to be sure to support you in any way possible.


A Note About Skyward

I try to keep Skyward as up-to-date as possible by posting assignments for the upcoming week.  This helps students and parents plan accordingly.  However, at times we find we need to slow down, during which I will adjust due dates or combine classwork assignments, as needed.



Pearson Easy Bridge Access (your online textbook)

Username: villagesschool\your Skyward ID

Password: your Skyward password


Instructions for logging into USA Test Prep

Account ID: buffalo77

Username: student Skyward ID

Password: password

Each of your classes will be listed IF your teacher is using USA Test Prep along with the corresponding assignment(s).  


Other online programs used in my classes (if passwords are required, access provided to students through Google)

Many applications and extensions through Google Chrome/Classroom (Quizlet, Socrative, etc.)




Helpful Links For All Students

  • Do you have a question about a literary term?  Check out LitCharts handy-dandy list of literary devices and terms
  • Looking for resources to practice? You will find Free ACT Practice Tests here. There are a number of practice tests here for you to use to practice Grammar and Reading skills this summer. The bonus?  You get ACT/SAT/FSA practice at the same time!
  • Access your textbook online!   Please visit Pearson Easy Bridge and log in using your school email account and password.  
  • Google Classroom link
  • Grammar Bytes is a good site to use to practice grammar skills
  • Sentence diagramming help with Elizabeth from Grammar Revolution
  • A wonderful writing resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, also known as the Purdue OWL.  I will refer to this site often in class.  Here is a great link for what your MLA formatted paper must include/look like. 
  • Writing Commons is another helpful writing and speaking (presentation skills) site. While the site does say it is for college level writers, there is plenty of information on the site that we review in class.  I think you will find that it is easy to understand and navigate. 
  • The State Exam (FSA) website shares valuable information for students and parents/guardians and includes a training test and guide. 
  • P.E.R.T. (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) - Florida's customized common placement test - information can be found here.  
  • The Center for Online Education has an Academic Writing Guide that has helpful advice on various types of academic writing, common grammar pitfalls, citations, and more.
  • Helpful links for prefix, suffix and root word work. 



PDF documents
AP Language & Composition Syllabus and Policies - Full-length syllabus (11-pages)
AP Language & Composition Syllabus and Policies - abbreviated syllabus
AP Language Summer Reading - 2017 - Summer reading is an AP requirement
Chromebook Device User Agreement - Must be read/signed by student and guardian
Classroom Management Policy - For students in both ENG I Honors and AP Language
Grade 9 ENG I Honors Syllabus & Classroom Policies -
LIBRARY CARD APPLICATION - Available to all students
Speech Analysis Project - annotated speech and bloom ball project

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