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 Our song of the week for October 23 through October 27 is "Madre tierra" in all Spanish classes. I hope you will enjoy listening to and singing this song. 


Spanish 1 - We are learning more about how to describe our families and friends, and how and when to use the verbs "ser", "tener" and "estar" this week in Desafio 4 of Unit 1.  Our test on this material and all of Unit 1 will be next Tuesday. We are also concentrating on listening skills this week. Please check the calendar below daily for homework assignments and upcoming events.

Spanish 3- We are still preparing to write our stories, reading legends and describing ourselves and our families in the past tenses this week. Our grammar emphasis continues to be on comparing the imperfect and preterit tenses. Please check the calendar below for assignments and important upcoming events.





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Classroom Management Plan -
List of websites for Spanish practice and review - List of websites for Spanish practice and review
Rubric for all literacy writing projects -
Spanish 1 Syllabus -
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