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2nd Quarter

We Are Back!

After being off for few days thanks to Storm Mathew, we are ready to embarq in a new quarter. Please know that I am committed to providing a positive and challenging academic learning environment for all students.  The curriculum provides learning activities which require high levels of critical thinking and reasoning, accompanied by application of learning to real-world situations.  My goal is to guide student on a path that will give him/her the skills necessary for a productive future in college or career after high school. Please know that the curriculum will be rigorous and the standards will remain high and we can’t afford to lower the bar.

This quarter, parents will be able to see a live Google calendar for assignments on my teacher connection page (see below). We will be also attempting new procedures to help students grow. All documents and materials are available to students on Google classroom for all my classes. Feel free to sit with your student(s) and ask them to show you their google classroom work.

I look forward to another successful quarter. I am here to help and support students in their schooling journey! As always, feel free to contact me (phone or email) with questions, comments or concerns!


Expecting Great Things!


Leo Rodriguez

Biology & Physical Science Teacher

(352) 259-3777 ext 2320 (Also, ext 2005 during 12:50PM  to 1:20PM)





PDF documents
Classroom Guidelines - Classroom Guidelines
Safety Contract -
Syllabus - 2016-17 - Physical Science Syllabus - 2016-17
Syllabus 2016-17 Biology - Syllabus 2016-17 Biology