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Library Hours: 

Join the library's Google Classroom:  ry3r85u

Mon - Thurs. 7:15am - 3:45pm

Fri. 7:15am - 3:30pm                           


Check your Destiny (library) account:

User name: same one as Skyward (initial and district ID number)

Password: buffalo  (same for all students)

 Spring Book Fair 2020

Feb 10 - 14th the library will host the book fair. Open daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Volunteers needed. Please click to sign up. 

Gift cards available.  Please click Gift Card Link  to purchase one for your child. 

Class visits. 

Please note what date your child's teacher will be bringing them in to visit the book fair.  

Monday, 2/10 Tripp Perdue
Tuesday, 2/11 Anderson , Ortega Mrs. Kirkland
Wednesday, 2/12 Paxton, Plemmons Klamut
Thursday, 2/13 Cipris, Capilli Windham, Zisa
Friday, 2/14 Chastain Abelson


AXIS 360 - eBook selection*

Axis 360 - Link to Sumter County Library's eBooks

VCS students may access Sumter County's library system. 

Log in: sign in to Destiny

User name: same one as Skyward (initial and district ID number)

Password: buffalo  (same for all students)

  *Our IT department is working on getting this going for our students. Please check back to see when it will be active for VCS students. 

Students' Choice Book Award

VCMS voted their favorite SSYRA book: Ghost by Jason Reynolds

The state of Florida's middle schoolers' overall favorite: Restart by Gordon Korman

Check out the book list for next school year. You can start reading them NOW!!!  If you have already AR tested on any, that test will count. 

SSYRA book list 2019- 2020



Password Reset

Parents: email or if you need your Skyward password reset. 

Students: you are required to change your Skyward/Windows password every 3 months. An email will be sent to your school email when you are due to make that change. 

Check your email every day for important information from the school. Make checking your email a part of your homework routine. Email is very important as a student here at VCS. 

FYI- you have 2 main passwords (1) Google/Chrome and (2) Windows/Skyward. They will be updated seperately.

Chromebook Care

Chromebook repairs can be expensive. Be mindful that you have a responsibility to maintain the device issued to you. Tips: (a) get a protective sleeve. This will help protect it from bumps and dirt. (b) Keep it in a dirt-free and padded area in your backpack. (c) Be gentle on the keyboard. Pounding knocks off keys. (d) Do not touch another person's Chromebook. You will pay for any subsequent damages and will receive disciplinary consequences. (e) Do not try to fix issues by yourself. If a key pops off, bring the key and Chromebook to us. Do not lose the key. (f) Do not bring your charger to school. You may come by the library if you want us to attach a name label. An additional charger may be purchased from us for $25 or $29 depending on the model (ex: for a second household). 

Connection Issues? 

1. restart your computer

2. clear your browsing history/cache Clear Cache

3. take off moving backgrounds, enlarged mouse, halos around the pointer, etc. Return settings to the original ones.

4. check that your keyboard is US and not INTL. Sometimes it gets switched. 



 The 2019-2020 Sunshine State book list (SSYRA)

Click on the following link to access the list and book descriptions: SSYRA book list 2019-2020

We want every student to make a goal to read 3 or more of these books this school year. 

How are the Sunshine State books chosen? A panel of middle school librarians across the state of Florida read hundreds of books. They chose a variety of books that will appeal to the middle school students. Some books are long, some are short. There is always a variety of topics in hopes that there is at least one book to reach every 6th - 8th child's interest.  

Field Trip: Have you read all 15 books? March 27th is the deadline for qualifying to go on the field trip. The field trip is April 7th.

Election Day:  April 2020 - read 3 or more of the SSYRA books to participate in the Mock Election to vote for your favorite book. This is an opportunity for students to be able to use the real voting machines that will be brought in by the Sumter Co. Elections folks. 

2019 VCMS Students' Choice Award:  

Ghost  by Jason Reynolds

The State of Florida's middle school students chose:

Retart  by Gordon Korman

Search the Library for books

Need to find something to read or a book to use for research? Use the small search bar in the icon below to perform an automatic search of the MS library. 

Log in to Destiny. Check your account status, put books on hold, recommend books, etc.

User name: same one as Skyward (initial and district ID number)

Password: buffalo  (same for all students)

DESTINY (card catalog)  



Reading is a joy, a privilege and the right of every student.  As you select the library books you will read, please understand that every book is not the best choice for every student.  If a book is unappealing or offensive to you in any way, please return it and select another.  You know which reading materials best serve you and your own standards, reading levels, and beliefs. 

Get your own Sumter County Library card

Applications available in the Media Center. Parent signature required. Don't limit your access to knowledge - join the library!!

Sumter County Libraries

 AR Due Dates for 2019-20

100% Point Goal and Comprehension Grade:  must be completed by the following dates each nine weeks: Oct. 10th, Dec 20th, March 11th, May 8th

How many points do you need? View the VCMS Handbook ( > forms) for point designations or ask your Language Arts or Reading teacher. 

Student may only take tests in their Language Arts class, Reading class, or in the library. Testing outside of these locations will result in a referral. 


Rewards for Reading

1) Reward for meeting 100% of your goal each 9 weeks.
2) Field Trip April 7th for reading all 15 of the SSYRA books and passing the AR tests. DUE March 27th. 
3) AR Celebration (aka. field day) for meeting your AR goal the 1st - 3rd nine weeks. 
4) Monthly reward for making into the Point Club (accumulating points in 100s)
5) In April- Official Voting booths will be set up in the library by the Supervisor of Elections of Sumter Co. Students must read 3 or more of the Sunshine State books to be eligible. 
6) Brag Tags- monthly tags for cumulative AR points for making it into the point club (100, 200, 300, ...)
7) Brag Tags- a tag for each Sunshine State book you take and AR test on


 Media Center Wish List

We accept gently used books appropriate for middle school students, ESPECIALLY SSYRA books (see link for list below), hard cover books, or newly released titles. PI hours will be given.

Plastic storage containers (small and medium sizes) with lids, chess and/or checkers sets, markers, arts and crafts supplies. 

Decorations Needed! If you have any that you are getting rid of, please consider donating them to the library. We like to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Thank you.


Contact Information

Media Specialist: Claire Brooks


Media Assistant: Sandy Berger


AR Book Check

Curious if your book has an AR test?  Want to know the level and points?  Go to to find out.  You can search by title or author. 

No AR test? No problem! You may also request a test be created for your book. On, choose >teacher (instead of student) when you open the website. Then click on Suggest Quizzes at the top right-hand corner. Fill out the information and a test will be made. Make multiple requests with different emails to get quicker results. 

AR HomeConnect

Do you want to check your child's AR information from home?

Go to AR HomeConnect. You will use your child's log-in information for this site. Email me if you need your log in information. 


PI Opportunities

1) Mindset Videos: PI Informational Time

 Growth Mindset videos from the Florida Department of Education address how the research of Dr. Carol Dweck who states that the way students think impacts their attitudes toward learning and how they perform in the classroom. 

 Each video lesson and accompanying survey will earn parents 30 minutes of informational time.  While both parents may review the three videos and five articles, credit will be awarded to only one parent for a maximum of 4.0 hours per household. 

 To take advantage of this opportunity for earning informational hours, access these resources at:  Mindset Videos and Resources for PI Time

2) New Opportunity to Earn PI Time at VCS in both English and Spanish

Online Digital Citizenship and Safety course

To take advantage of this opportunity for earning informational hours, access these resources at

3) PI in the VCMS Media Center:

We welcome volunteers to come in during the school day.  Please email Mrs. Brooks if you have a date you can come. Thank you. 

 1) The Calendar has "Volunteers Needed" dates posted.

2) Volunteer to mend books. 

3) Watch for information about volunteering for our Book Fairs.

4) Volunteer for our end-of-the-year AR Reading Celebration on May 17th.

5) Parent Involvement Reading: The list of books is in the PDF below.

AR testing for PI will end on Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 3:20 PM.

You must have a student enrolled at the middle school to check out and test on the chosen books.  Parents will be awarded two PI hours for each book read with a passing score on the accompanying AR test.  Both qualifying parents may test on the same book to earn a total of four hours.  Please check in at the front office before coming to the media center to complete your quiz.  After reading the book of your choice, you will need to take an AR test on that book in our school’s library. A score of 60% or higher is considered passing and once achieved, 2 hours of informational involvement time will be added to your parent involvement account.  Limited copies of these titles will be available in our school’s library but you may get copies from any public library or book store.  

6) Service Hours  Are you a shopper instead of a reader?  Students often request books that are "the next in the series," and we award PI service hours if parents are interested in purchasing books.  We also accept book donations based upon the needs in our collection, and service hours are awarded based on the books' retail value and condition. 

7) Wish List items: Lego sets, chess and/or checkers sets, markers, arts and crafts supplies, robotics supplies or kits.  Decorations Needed! We like to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Thank you.


We have established the following policies to encourage students to uphold our core value of stewardship as they use media center resources:

  • Two books may be checked out for two weeks and renewed for another two-week period.
  • Late books and overdue fines greater than $1.00 will restrict signing out additional items.
  • The replacement cost will be charged for lost or damaged books.
  • Late books will be charged $.05 per day after a five day grace period.   
  • Student computers are provided solely for academic purposes from 7:15 AM- 3:45 PM. Additional computer labs are also available.
  • Students are asked to be respectful of others and use the media center as a place for reading, studying, and conducting research in a quiet atmosphere. 
  • Students need a pre-signed pass from staff to come to the media center before, during, and after school. Teachers in before-care, the lunchroom, and guides in after-care will have passes.


EBOOK SOURCES – popular titles, recommendations, and recent reviews of more than 29,000 eBooks available for Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and most other eReaders.  Best of all they’re FREE!

Project Gutenberg  - over 42,000 free eBooks available for readers to download or read online


DIGITAL INFORMATION SOURCES - Sources you can trust. No FAKE NEWS here. 

Infotrac – magazines, newspapers and reference resources with reliable, accurate information (username: fl_sumtermedia and password: student)

Academy of Achievement - biographies about leaders and visionaries who have helped to shape our world

American Rhetoric  -  database of 5000+ full text, audio, and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews & recorded media events

Biography Base collection of 5485 biographies

Infotopia – a search engine with trusted websites.

World Factbook – information on the history, culture, government, economy and geography of 267 countries. 

Florida Electronic Library – (Login with the 14 digit # on your public library card)

State of Florida iTunes U – resources on Florida culture and history.   

Florida Center for Instructional Technology - digital resources, such as maps, clip art and photos.

Biodiversity Heritage Library -  over 150,000 high resolution images of botanical and animal illustrations which are free to download.



Science Fair Extravaganza - Citing Sources, Choosing Reliable Sources

Owl Purdue – MLA and APA formatting style guide

EasyBib - bibliography and citation generator

Citation Machine – a guide for creating MLA and APA formatting



Sumter County Library Services

Marion County Public Library System

Lake County Library System

Lake Sumter State College

Media Center Acrobat(.PDF) Documents

Parenting books with AR tests (PI time) - earn 2 hours of Informational hours
Sumter Co. Public Library Card Application - Sumter Co. Public Library Card Application

Media Center Links

InfoTrac Database-password and user available in media - Great Online Research Database
Just Read Families - Just Read Family Information
Juvenile Series and Sequels - Lists of hundreds of series. Easy searches!
Kids Reads! - Great descriptions of series books.
Scholastic - A varied resource for parent and student use
Sunshine State Books - Sunshine State Book Lists
Works Cited Format - Works Cited Format

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Website Accessibility

The Villages Charter School (VCS) is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible to people with disabilities. If you use assistive technology and are experiencing difficulty accessing information on this site, please contact to gain access to inaccessible content or functionality of online content. To file a formal grievance under Section 504 and Title II with VCS please contact Patrick Murphy, Instructional Technology Supervisor at 352-259-2350.