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 Morning Help

Morning Help is every Monday - Thursday 7:30-7:50 unless otherwise noted below:

Morning Help is this week is Monday 11/13, Tueasday 11/14 Wednesday 11/15 and Thursday 11/16  :) 


This Week in class {Please see Google Classroom for more details}:

HW: ALEKS assigned 20 questions due by Sunday 11/12 at midnight

Monday 11/13:  

           Chapter 2 Quiz B Review 


Tuesday 11/14: 

               1) Ch 2 B Quiz Today

           2) Notebook check for chapter 2 today


Wednesday 11/15: 




Thursday 11/16:

         1)Chapter 6 intro

         2) POP Quiz


Friday 11/17: 


            1) Discuss Journals, Due Dec 8th 

        2) Next ALEKS due Dec 3rd


Please see the calandar below for each week's assignments, homework, and assessments.  I will have a post each Monday with the information for that week.




In this class, we will develop a lifelong love for math. Students will be reviewing concepts and skills taught from the previous year and expanding on these skills through a variety of techniques.  The main ideas that will be taught throughout the year are as follows:


Unit 1

  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships: Connect rates and ratios to multiplication and division; Apply the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents to solve problems

Unit 2

  • The Number System: Multiply and divide decimals and fractions that represent real-world situations.

Unit 3

  • Expressions and Equations: Write and evaluate expressions and equations and apply the properties of operations.    Write, graph, and solve one-variable inequalities. Represent and analyze the relationship between two variables in a function.

Unit 4

  • Geometry:       Find the area, volume, and surface area of 2-D and 3-D figures.

Unit 5

  • Statistics and Probability: Find and use measures of center and measures of variation to describe sets of data.  Represent and analyze data using line plots, histograms, and box plots.



Florida Math Connects published by Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Your student may utilize the textbook’s website at: for additional skills practice. 

User name : first and last initial and student ID number. Password: Passw0rd ( the o in word is the number zero)




 Coach Digital:  :;jsessionid=F99A3A8BA34AF7E58512DBE1B1F1D51B?action=home

Select Your state:  Florida



user name :  Taped into NOTES page in agenda

Password:  Taped into NOTES page in agenda


Assessments:  Students’ grades will be determined by the following: Tests, Quizzes, and Practice. Homework practice will consist of ALEKS topics that need to be mastered each week.

If you ever have a concern about your student, please contact me by email at or by leaving me a phone message at (352) 259-0044. 

Thank you ,

Gina LaBossiere

6th grade math


All Periods Calendars (Blue group is first, Orange group is second)

Please see each Monday for a list of the weeks activities.




PDF documents
2017-2018 Classroom Behavior Management Plan -
Chapter 1 - NOTES
Chapter 10 - Notes
Chapter 11 - Notes
Chapter 12 - NOTES
Chapter 2 - NOTES
Chapter 3 - Notes
Chapter 4 - NOTES
Chapter 5 - Notes
Chapter 6 - Notes
chapter 7 - notes
Chapter 8 - Notes
Chapter 9 - NOTES
Sylabus - 17-18 Jacobson Regular math