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We are currently working in Chapter 6: Expressions.  Students will be learning the Algebraic Properties, solving numerical expressions, and how to write algebra expressions. 

ALEKS Weekly Homework:

Students are to master 9 topics (skills) in ALEKS every week.  They may choose the skills.  I do suggest they work on skills we are learning, but it is their choice.  The weekly assignment starts Monday mornings and is due every Sunday at midnight until the end of the school year.  Extra credit will be given to students that learn more than 9 topics weekly (up to 18 topics for an extra credit 100%).  Also, students have a quarterly goal in ALEKS every 9 weeks that is entered into Skyward as a test grade.  If a student is completing his/her 9 topics per week, the test grade should be a 100% for every grading period.  See my syllabus below for more specifics.  You may check to see how your student is progressing through the ALEKS program by accessing the ALEKS gradebook.  When your child is logged into ALEKS, there are 3 lines in the upper left hand corner.  Click on them and a dropdown box appears.  One of these is the "Gradebook".  I have pre-programmed all of the students' assignments for the year into the "Gradebook".  Here is the link to access ALEKS (also in Google Classroom):


Absences and Make Up Work:

If your child is absent, please remember that he/she must return to class with all homework and classwork completed.  If there are a couple of questions on the classwork that was not understood when he/she returns to school, I will go over them with your child.  This is listed on my syllabus below on page 2 and is directly from our school policies listed in your child's agenda.  

Hoework Video Notes:

Remember that they are to take notes at home during the video.  If I write it on the screen, then they must write it in their books.  I will give a grade for this everyday!  Please be sure to have your Chromebook and textbook with you everyday!

Test Corrections:

Students will be given an alternate test (Form B).  Their orginal test is a Form A.  Students need to complete on Form B only the question numbers that they missed on the orginal test (Form A).  For example, if on the Form A the student misses numbers 1,5 and 10, then on the Form B the student only completes 1,5 and 10.  The Form B questions are similar to the Form A questions, but they are not exactly the same.  Students will earn 1/2 credit back to their test grade for correct answers on the Form B. If their orginal grade was an 80% and they correctly answer the questions on Form B, their grade will be a 90%. 

 Quiz Corrections:

I require students to do 3 things in order to earn credit for their corrections: 1.  Do the correct work.   2.  Give the correct answer.  3.  Write a sentence that tells me what you did incorrectly on the quiz to get the problem wrong.  Here is a sample correction sentence: "I forgot that the definition of absolute value is a distance, so it is never a negative number." 

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PDF documents
ADVANCED 6th Grade Math Syllabus - Please read through this and sign the last page!
CH. 6 Review video and review practice #1 - This is for notes for hw on 11/6/17!
Ch. 6 Review video and review practice #2 - This is for hw notes on 11/7/17!
Ch. 6 Study Guide - This is classwork for 11/7/17!
Ch. 6 Study Guide with answers - Use this to study if you were absent 11/7/17!
Distributive Property notes - Classwork from 11/1/17!
Frayer Model of Algebraic Properties - Classwork for you to copy or print - 10/31!
Math Dictionary - Word Wall List - Use these words to help you with word problems!
Open House Slides - If you couldn't make it, you can view my PP!