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I am teaching 8th grade Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra I!  These are classes where you will earn high school credit. 

Some tips for success:

1. Do the classwork and homework on time.  I do follow the late policy in the Student Handbook to deduct points if late.  My assignments are considered to have a "pre-determined due date" since I post them so far in advance.  You should still do your work even if absent.  Parents - please email me if this is an issue to ask for an extension.


2.  Study for assessments by doing math, not looking at math.  I provide quiz reviews and test reviews and practice tests full of questions for your child to use while studying for assessments.  I will do every problem on a quiz or test review the day before the assessment.  Students should re-do the problems, check the answer, and if incorrect check their notes on my work to see what error was made.  Then, they should try the problem again using the correct method. 


3.  Do the weekly extra credit to earn extra grades in Skyward AND to increase your understanding of the weekly skills.  The extra credit questions can also help your child study for the next assessment. The practice test in Savvas enVision is worth up to 5 extra credit points on a Chapter Test if completed the night before the test. 


4.  Ask questions in class and come to tutoring if you are struggling with the weekly skills.  Don't put off learning the skills you are practicing daily.  New math skills build on the prior math skills.  I'm happy to help any student that needs it!  Your child does have 35-45 minutes of class time to get individual help and tutoring is 3 times a week:  Mondaysand  Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 and Thursday mornings from 7:00 - 8:00 AM. All your student needs to do is check into After Care at 3:15 and tell the guide that you need to come to my tutoring at 3:30.  They will give you a pass at 3:30.  If you are picking up your child at 4:30, meet us in front of the school.  Do NOT use PikMyKid if you are picking up your child at 4:30 from me. If your child is coming in on Thursday morning, I need to know Wednesday, so I can write your child a pass. 


5.  Take advantage of re-quizzes and re-tests.  We all make mistakes sometimes.  You are allowed to re-take 2 quizzes a grading period.  I will enter the highest grade earned up to 100%.  You are allowed to re-take any test.  I average the test and re-test grades and enter that average.



Important links for homework and classwork:

1. Edpuzzle link for homework 


2. Edulastic website for homework (log in with your Google account) - Edulastic website


3. Online textbook - Log into Clever and choose "Savvas" - Click on the "enVision" listing under your math class in Savvas.  Your extra credit assignments - practice tests and the lesson quizzes for extra credit are listed in your class assignments.


4. MathXL for School is where most of your classwork will be.  Log into Clever and go to my Clever page- Click on "New MathXL for School".  You will see your classwork assignments!


I am looking forward to a fabulous year!


 Go Buffalo!

Dana Adams, M. Ed.


PDF documents
22-23 VCMS Classroom Management Plan - 22-23 VCMS Classroom Management Plan
Algebra I Syllabus - Please read & use the link for the signature form!
Geometry Syllabus - Please read & use the link for the signature form!
List of books in my classroom library - List of books in my classroom library

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