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I am looking forward to a new semester teaching Critical Thinking and helping students develop greater reading comprehension, expanded vocaularies, and awareness of logic.

This course is designed to help each student become a better reader and deeper thinker through the mastery of reading strategies, an in-depth study of Latin and Greek roots, and the application of new strategies to understand and unpack challenging texts. 
Every week there is a weekly passage with daily assignments. Students are given a paper copy of the weekly passage and all related assignments for the week on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), and a copy is also posted on google classroom. Ask your child about the article of the week. The topics make great conversation starters.

On Monday students also receive a list of 10 words based on one root or root family. We have a lively discussion of the meaning of each word and how it is related to the root meaning. Students are expected to study the words during the week to be prepared for the test on Friday. 

A typical week will follow the pattern below.

MONDAY: Read the article and complete the first quiz on google classroom for a practice grade. Introduce the root words for the week.

TUESDAY: Locate and highlight evidence in the text according to the textual evidence instructionsin the packet and posted on google classroom. Answers will be checked in class on Wednesday. 

WEDNESDAY: Complete the skill pages on the focus skill, which will be different each week. Answers will be checked in class on Thursday.

THURSDAY: Watch the video on the same topic as the article and compare the two perspectives of the same topic. Video is presetned in class and posted on google classroom.

FRIDAY: Tests on the root words and the article. Students are allowed and encouraged to use their passages and skill pages for the article test on Friday. Student folders are checked every Friday for completion of bellringers (usually short text with questions), the root words recorded and defined on the word wall pages, and perplexor logic puzzles and/or analogies. The folder grade is recorded as a practice grade.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

School supplies used:

Folder (3 prong with pockets)


colored pencils


dry erase markers

Click this link for the 2022-2023 Syllabus  



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