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Dear Parents and Students,


Below you will find important information.  The calendar will provide the classwork/homework for the week.  Please check Skyward often and email me with any concerns you may have.


Thank  you!


Mrs. Miller


SCIENCE PROJECT (Advanced Classes Only)

  • Science Project is a requirement for all students in advanced science class.
  • Students may choose between the GOLD path (Participate in school science fair) or the GREEN path (PowerPoint/Slides Presentation).  Both paths complete all steps of the scientific process...the only difference is in the way that the data is presented.  The GOLD path includes opportunities for extra credit and advancement onto regionals and state science fair.  Additional awards may also be received with the GOLD path.  
  • Advanced students will be given access to the Science Project Guidelines on Google Classroom once school begins.  If you scored double 4's, or above, on your 5th grade FSA math and reading, you will most likely be in advanced science...start thinking of some project ideas now.
  • 6th Grade students are not allowed to do experiments related to vertebrate animals, microbiology, or humans (Including surveys) if they are choosing GOLD path.  This is due to the very intense and difficult paperwork and rules required by ISEF, the science fair organization that we participate with.


Key Science Project Vocabulary:

Controlled Experiment-An experiment which involves changing only 1 factor (independent variable) and observing its effect on one thing, while keeping all other factors (variables) constant.

Variable- Factors that can change during an experiment

Independent (Tested or manipulated) Variable- The ONE factor that is changed/tested during a controlled experiment.

Dependent (Responding) Variable- Changes in response to the independent variable

Controlled Variable(s)- The variable(s) that are kept the same, or controlled, throughout an experiment.


Helpful Science Fair Websites:



Students  can access Google Classroom by clicking on the link below.  Google Classroom can be accessed from any computer, as well as iPads and smartphones. All handouts and PowerPoints will be available on this webpage.  This is a great resource if you are absent.


Password: Was changed by the student after their first log in (Should be written in their agenda planner)

Google Classroom - access assignments, announcements, PowerPoints, and other information



Online Textbook & Bonus Activities  - Students will be receiving a username and password to access  At this web site, students will find their textbook online and additional activities to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.   A few days prior to the chapter tests students will have access to the online chapter practice test.  They will also have the opportunity to get bonus points on for all chapter tests by completing these online practice tests and earning a 70% or above.  In addition to earning bonus points, this will help them prepare/study for all chapter tests.  Use the link listed below. It must be accessed using Google Chrome. 


YOU MUST USE CHROME and the link below!
Login Link (both Internal and External from the network): Pearson Success Website

Online Practice Test Instructions (Extra Credit Opportunity prior to Chapter tests-Pearsonsuccess)
  1. Click on the link above and log in.( MUST use CHROME)
    • Username: villagesschool\ followed by their school username
    • The password is the same one they have been using on the VCS computers. (IF STUDENTS CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD AT SCHOOL...IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE ON PEARSON)
  2. Click on Things to Do (top right).
  3. The test will be waiting for you several days prior to the test date.
  4. Your score will be sent to me.
  5. Students that score a 70% or higher will receive bonus points on their chapter test.

Works Cited Creator- Helps organize your source information while completing research

Skyward - Access grades at any time using a computer, smartphone, or tablet

USA Test Prep - Review of information taught in textbook


Quizlet - Use this link to study vocabulary words before a vocabulary quiz for extra credit.



  • Please locate your class period calendar below
  • Click on the day that you are absent
  • Read the information for both classwork and homework
  • If you are absent on a day that we are reading and highlighting, please use the "About" tab in Google Classroom and the appropriate chapter folder to view the highlighted information/notes
  • Any homework assignments/paperwork given out in class can also be found using the "About" tab in Google Classroom and the appropriate chapter folder to view the highlighted information/notes


Science Wish List for 2017-2018: 

  • Extra bedding (coconut fiber) for Sheldon, our classroom tortoise Sheldon
Important Dates :

Tuesday, November 14th Science Fair - Set up from 3pm to 4pm in the gym

Wednsday, November 15th Science Fair - All day in the gym 

Thursday, November 16th Science Fair - In the gym until 11am.  Parents welcome to visit

***REMEMBER...All documents (Homework, learning goal rubrics, PowerPoint notes, etc) are posted on Google Classroom.  Students will need their school username and password to access the website.
















PDF documents
Earth/Space Science Syllabus 17-18 -