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Updated - 10/17/17:     


Please make sure that lanyards with ID cards are worn. It is a disciplinary issue if they are not on the student.


Grades/Work: I will be finishing grades today (Tuesday) or possibly into the early hours of tomorrow for the first marking period.


This week we are revisiting Module 3, Lessons 1-3 with lesson quizzes and the students are creating their own quiz questions and answers for Lesson 4. As previously mentioned, we are not testing over this Module.


Tutoring:  In addition to the "normal" days of Tuesday and Wednesday until 4:15pm I will be staying Monday as well to help students finish the first marking period work.

If your student attends aftercare, he/she may leave at 4pm to attend snack with the rest of the aftercare classes; if your student is being picked up, we will pack up and leave the classroom at 4:15pm and come down to carline. If the student is picked up promptly when we come down, aftercare charges will not apply. Any student not picked up by 4:25pm, at the latest, will be checked in to aftercare and you will be charged accordingly.


Chromebooks: As we move through the day, several students are getting low on battery - please help them make sure they have all parts of the charger plugged in securely at night or remind them to carry the charger with them.


Lanyards: The ID and lanyard are required to be worn every day as part of the uniform. All students have been given an ID card and had the opportunity to get a free Buffalo lanyard. It is a Behavior Plan/Discipline issue if the lanyard is not here at school with the student and hanging around his/her neck so that it is immediately visable - not wearing it as requested becomes a dress code violation. I have encouraged all the students to take it off once they are in the car and put it into a backpack pocket - that way they can get it back out on the way to school the next day.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  

Mrs. Hubbard


Washington DC Trip - September 2018:

Please see the information shown on the VMCS Field Trips page if you are interested in attending. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Mr. Atkinson.




Please Note: For now, all of the classes have the same due dates - so although the title reads "1st Period American History" it can be used for each class (assignments are shown in Skyward as well). Click on the entry to see additional details. Students see all of this information in Google Classroom and should be able to show it to you there as well.




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