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7th Grade Civics with Mrs. Ling


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Below, you will find the calendars for regular and advanced classes. You will also find pdfs down below. 

Helpful Online Resources:

Unit 2: The Federal Government Chapter 7: The Judicial Branch (11/27/17-12/4/17)

Essential Questions:

  • What structures, functions, and processes shape the judicial branch?

Learning Goals: 

  • 7.1 In what ways is the United States a nation of laws? What are the five sources of law in the United States? What roles do the courts play in the United States?​
  • 7.2 What is the purpose of the U.S. district courts? How are the U.S. courts of appeals different from the district courts? What is the role of the U.S. Supreme Court?
  • 7.3 What is the power of judicial review? What are the constitutional checks on the Supreme Court’s powers? How has the Supreme Court strengthened constitutional rights?

Due Dates: All due on 10/27/17

  • Chapter 7 Bell Ringer
  • Chapter 7 Test
  • Chapter 7 Daily Quiz Homework
  • Election Campaign project-due 12/7/17

Election Campaign Project: 

Due 12/7/17-Please view PDFs below for more information or visit google classroom. 

Students should take care to use websites that are RELIABLE and FACTUAL. Here are some websites that have proved to have reliable information. Students are not required to use these websites, it is only a suggestion.
National Political Convention Dates
National Political Convention Information
Miscellaneous Election Data
Information on the Presidents (biographies)
General Information about elections

Have a BLESSED day!

Christina Ling


PDF documents
2017-2018 Civics Syllabus - For Mrs. Ling-2017-2018
2017-2018 Classroom Behavior Management Plan -
Ch. 11 Homework -
Ch. 5 Bell Ringer -
Ch. 5 Study guide-blank -
Ch. 7 Bell Ringer -
Chapter 10 Bell Ringer -
Chapter 10 Homework -
Chapter 11-12 Bell Ringer -
Chapter 12 Homework -
Chapter 5 HW -
Chapter 7 Daily Quiz Homework -
Election Campaign Project - How to turn in an assignment to google classroom
Election Campaign Project - Instructions and Rubric
Election Campaign Project - Notetaking worksheet example
Election Campaign Project - Notetaking worksheet
Election Campaign Project - brochure example
Election Campaign Project - Powerpoint/Slides Example
Login information for online textbook - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt