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What is Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Learning Strategies class? 


This course is designed to help each student become a better reader and deeper thinker through the mastery of reading strategies, in-depth study of Latin and Greek roots, and the application of new strategies to challenging text. We will read a variety of newspaper articles, short stories, and Scholastic Scope magazines.


Every week there is a weekly passage with daily assignments. Students will be given a paper copy of the weekly passage on Monday ( or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and a copy will also be posted as a PDF on google classroom  Students are given all of the required pages related to the weekly passage in class on Monday. The passages along with all related skill-based are also posted on google classroom if students need another copy. 


Daily assignments for the weekly passages: 




Upcoming root words:


9/ 7: tain/ten/tent= to hold 

9/13: fer=carry, bring together, bear 

9/20: ben/ben= good 

9/27: mal= bad


Weekly Passages:

9/ 7: Don't Blow Your Top

9/13: China 

9/20: Code Talkers

9/27: Football vs. Futbul 



Please have students check GOOGLE CLASSROOM and SKYWARD To take the tests and quizzes! 


MONDAY: Read the article and complete the first quiz on google classroom. Worth 8 points.


TUESDAY: Complete the Finding Textual Evidence. Students will be expected to follow the textual evidence instructions posted on google classroom. Answers will be checked in class on Wednesday. 


WEDNESDAY: The skill page on the focus skill-answers will be checked in class on Thursday.


THURSDAY: Watch the video on google classroom and complete the questions on the integrated paper.


FRIDAY: Final test: Students are allowed and encouraged to use their passages and skill pages for the final test on Friday. These tests are mastery grades worth between 20-30 points. 


Weekly Root Words:


The second major part of their grade will come from the weekly root words. Every week there will be a root of the week. Students will be given a list of 10 words that contain a common root on Monday. We will study the words all week with a quiz on Friday.  There will also be a page of homework on the weekly roots on Monday.  


Students need to memorize the meanings of the 10 words to prepare for the quiz on Friday.  Please encourage your child to study these words nightly to help them prepare for the quiz. Students can play quizlet online or make flashcards using notecards to aid them in learning the meanings of the 10 weekly root words. 


In short- how can you help your child succeed in this class?

1. Check that they are doing their nightly reading homework on the passage of the week.

  2. Help them study the weekly root words 


Thank you for your support to make this an amazing semester,


Ms. Windham 


ELA: Gifted & Advanced 1st and 7th period 



We are still reading Red Kayak and learning elements of plot, forechadowing, flashbcaks and charaterzation. Please have students check Google Classroom for updated assignments.  


PDF documents
Advanced ELA Syllabus -
Critical Thinking& Learning Strategies Syllabus - Syllabus
TIC TAC TOE Boards - TIC TAC TOES boards

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