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Ms. Dixon's 6th Grade World History Class



Welcome to 6th grade World History!                 

I hope you find the information below helpful. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions. 



Sixth Grade World History will focus on World History beginning around 8000 B.C. up to A.D. 1500.  We will begin our studies by discussing what historians do and the influences geography has on the way people live.  Next, we will delve into the early ages, starting with early humans, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Israelites, Ancient Greece, Ancient India, early China, Roman Civilization, and the Americas.


Google Classroom: Classes will receive their Google Classroom code the first week in class.


Classwork: Assignments will be posted daily on my Google Classroom for students and Teacher Connection page calendar for parents to view.



TEXTBOOKWorld History Ancient Civilization       PUBLISHER: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt                       



To have access to the textbook online, students need to go through Clever to access the book.  Look for the following icon in clever to access the textbook:


HMH Ed Learning Platform icon   Once inside, students will need to click on the Discover tab at the top, then go into the Unit/Chapter to find the correct unit and chapter we are learning about.

First Quarter: (August 4th - October 6th)                                                                       

Ch. 1 Uncovering the Past

Ch. 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures

Ch. 3 Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent

Ch. 4 Ancient Egypt and Kush


Second Quarter: (October 11th - December 19th)

Ch. 5 Ancient India

Ch. 6 Ancient China

Ch. 7 The Hebrews and Judaism

Ch. 8 Ancient Greece


Third Quarter: (January 4th - March 9th)

Ch. 9 The Greek World

Ch. 10 The Roman Republic

Ch. 11 Rome and Christianity

Ch. 12 The Islamic World


Fourth Quarter: (March 10th - May 19th)

Ch. 13 Early African Civilizations

Ch. 14 China

Ch. 15 Japan

Ch. 16 The Early Americas



Students’ grades will be determined by using the following categories and percentages:

Practice -- 30%

Performance (Mastery) -- 70%


Grading Scale:   A (90-100)   B (80-89)   C (70-79)   D (60-69)   F (0-59)


Make-up Work:

Absent students should check google classroom and the teacher connection website for make-up work. It is the student’s responsibility to complete classwork missed, turn in homework or, to request to take a missed test the day of their return from the absence.

Late Work: 

Students are expected to complete all assignments and submit them on or before the day it is due. Any work submitted the day after it was due will earn, at best, a score of 60%. Work submitted two or more days after the due date will not be accepted.


Absence Work:

Students will receive the number of days absent plus one additional day to complete make-up work.



PDF documents
22-23 Open House Presentation -
22-23 World History Syllabus -

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