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It is hard to believe we are halfway through the school year! For the third quarter, we will be reading the novel, Fever 1793 and the non-fiction book, An American Plague.  AR books are due read and tested by 3/9/23.

Mrs. Davis


2022-2023 Class Information

Supplies you will need for this class:

  • One White Binder (1 inch)
  • 5 tab dividers
  • a pencil pouch for the binder
  • One pocket folder with prongs (any color)
  • loose leaf paper for the binder
  • pencils/highlighters
  • Wired Headphones/earbuds


Google Classroom is used  every day in our class. Please make sure your ChromeBook is completely charged for class. Please join the correct Google Classroom. Codes are listed below.


 ELA 8th Grade Amazon Wish List: Amazon Wish List


Google Classrooms Codes:

Period 1: Period 1 Google Classroom Link

Period 2:Period 2 Google Classroom Link

Period 3:Period 3 Google Classroom Link

Period 5:Period 5 Google Classroom Link

Period 6:Period 6 Google Classroom Link

Period 7:Period 7 Google Classroom Link


8th Grade ELA Units of Study


Unit 1- 

Anchor Text: The Giver  (Dystopian Literature)

Writing: Narrative and Expository Writing

Poetry and AR


Unit 2- 

Anchor Text: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Gothic Literature)

Writing: Expository and Persuasive Writing

Poetry and AR



Unit 3- 

Anchor Text: The Diary of Anne Frank (Drama)

Writing: Argumentative Writing

Poetry and AR

Non-fiction Reading Project


Unit 4- 

Anchor Text:

Fever 1763 and The American Plague (Historical Fiction)

Writing: Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, and Argumentative Writing

Poetry and AR


The Villages Charter School Middle School Behavior Management Plan:

2022-2023  Classroom Behavior Management Plan

Students tardy to class (including 1st period): (students receive a clean slate at the semester)

1st and 2nd tardies = warning, 3rd tardy = parent contacted by the teacher, 4th-8th tardy = assignment to after-school detention, 9th tardy = detention and parent contact, and the 10th tardy = referral to administration.


Required Lanyard/ID Badge:

Students are required to wear the school-issued lanyard/ID badge daily upon arrival to campus. Please see further information on the next page regarding the replacement of the lanyard/ID badge if a student loses or forgets to bring their lanyard/ID badge as required.


Classroom Behavior:

Teachers in the classroom will incorporate the following steps when students choose to disregard classroom/school rules, disrupt the learning environment, or any other Level I infractions such as cell phone not being stored properly, Chromebook* (didn’t bring it/not fully charged), dress code, food/candy/beverage, and inappropriate display of affection. 

NOTE: Students receive a clean slate at the semester for Level 1 infractions. 


Intervention Steps:

  1. Private conference with the student - warning that the next occurrence will result in teacher assigned consequences.
  2. Private conference with the student – teacher assigned consequences - warning that the next occurrence will result in parent contact.
  3. Parent Contact – warning that the next occurrence will result in an assigned after-school detention.
  4. After-school detention. (See Detention procedures – VCMS Student Handbook - VCMS Website)
  5. Two after-school detentions. (See Detention procedures - VCMS Student Handbook - VCMS Website)
  6. Referral to administration most likely resulting in an assignment to In-School Suspension.


Other Infractions - Level 2 and Higher  (NOTE: Teachers will communicate directly with parents when a referral is issued)

Incidents may occur that require an immediate referral to administration for action precluding the steps listed above. Incidents that result in an immediate referral to administration may include, but are not limited to, the following examples: Cheating, Disrespectfulness to Staff, Fighting, Harassment, Misuse of Technology (ex. Using a mobile phone, using their Chromebook to access a website other than one the teacher has instructed them to access, using any technology platform not assigned by the teacher, etc.), and Vandalism.  The following progressive discipline will apply to violating the Chromebook User Agreement:


  • 1st Offense of Technology Misuse: Teacher assigns 2 after-school detentions and a warning that the next incident will result in a referral to administration with an assignment to ISS.
  • 2nd Offense of Technology Misuse: Referral to administration resulting in an assignment to ISS and a warning that the next incident will result in a referral, OSS, and a Behavior Contract.
  • 3rd Offense of Technology Misuse: Referral to administration resulting in 1 day of OSS and a Behavior Contract.
  • 4th Offense of Technology Misuse: Referral to administration resulting in multiple OSS days, an amended Behavior Contract, and loss of Chromebook usage for a specified time.

NOTE:  Students will be limited to six (6) assignments to after-school detention in a marking period. Once six (6) assignments have been served in a marking period, the student will be on a referral-only status and assigned In-School Suspension (ISS) – see SUSPENSIONS in the VCMS Student Handbook. Students are limited to three (3) ISS assignments per semester. After three (3) ISS consequences have been assigned, at the next incident, the student will receive Out-Of-School Suspension and be placed on a Behavior Contract.


*Please refer to the reverse side of this document for further information regarding the expectations for Chromebooks and Lanyard/ID badges. Parents and students may refer to the VCMS Student Handbook on the VCMS website under “Forms/Documents/Newsletters” for further information regarding student expectations, policies, and procedures.

2022-2023 Chromebooks and Lanyard/ID Badges


  • Students are expected to bring the school-issued Chromebook to school every day, fully charged.
  • Students who fail to bring the Chromebook, or bring it, but it is not fully charged, are in violation of school policy. This is a Level 1 infraction that will be tracked as part of the Classroom Behavior Management Plan.
  • Some teachers may allow students to charge Chromebooks in the classrooms; however, the student is still in violation and this will count as a Level 1 infraction.
  • A parent may choose to bring a forgotten or uncharged Chromebook to school to their child; however, the student is still considered in violation. 
  • If a student is in violation, the first teacher of required use will notify the student of their infraction and give the student a lanyard to wear indicating their violation. Wearing the violation lanyard throughout the day will serve as communication to their remaining teachers that the infraction has been documented/handled. 
  • The violation lanyard will be collected at the end of the school day by the 7th period teacher.



  • Students are required to wear their school-issued ID on a lanyard every day as part of both the uniform policy and our campus safety plan. The lanyard/school ID must be worn around the neck. The only exception to wearing the lanyard is during Physical Education class or during a Science Lab if the teacher determines it to be a safety concern.
  • Teachers will greet students at their classroom door each class period and check for the lanyard/ID badge. 
  • Students who fail to bring their lanyard/ID badge, or fail to wear it appropriately, are in violation of school policy. 
  • If a student is in violation, the 1st period teacher will send the student to the main office to purchase a school lanyard in order to be in compliance with the school safety plan. The fee for the new lanyard is $3.00. The student will have 1 week to take care of paying the charge. 
  • Students charged for a new lanyard who do not bring in the payment within 1 week will have the fee placed on their student account for the parent to pay.


Please read the 8th grade ELA Syllabus and sign the syllabus signature sheet.

8th Grade ELA Syllabus

Syllabus Signature Sheet- Please electronically sign by August 12, 2022



Class of 2027

All 8th graders need to join the Class of 2027 Google Classroom.  Messages will be posted in this classroom for dress down days, yearbook surveys, GradVenture, T-shirt sales, etc.

Class of 2027 Google Class Page Code: 



I am looking forward to a fantastic 22-23 School Year!

Mrs. Melanie Davis


**Period 1 and 3 follow the Period 1 calendar.

**Period 2, 5, 6, and 7 follow the Period 5 calendar.




PDF documents
8th Grade Syllabus -

Website Accessibility

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