The Villages High School

After School Study Hall

Students that are still on campus at 2:50PM that are not participating in an approved and supervised activity such as tutoring, athletics, or clubs, will be required to report to the Cafeteria for Study Hall. It begins at 2:50PM and ends at 6::00PM at a cost of $3.00 per day.  Students are required to sign in and out. Once signed out, students are not permitted to return to campus for the day. The Student Code of Conduct applies in the Study Hall.

Please make sure students leave campus after school and do not return if they do not want to attend and pay for the Study Hall. 

Students leaving Study Hall for the day should be picked up in the west parking lot by the tennis courts. Parents may call student on their cell phone or come in to get them.

If you need additional information, please call the Study Hall Coordinator, John Spitler, at 419-357- 5184,

or the High School Office at 352-259- 3777.