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Mid-term exam schedule is attached below under the PDF section.  

Seniors- Be sure you complete your FAFSA and pay attention to your college/university deadlines!  The counselors will visit during your US Government classes on January 25th to help complete the Bright Futures Scholarship application.  For more information on Bright Futures please visit:

Juniors- It is time to get registered for the next SAT and/or ACT.  Be sure you register online at: or  The counselors will be visiting your business classes on January 11th to talk about the college application process.

Sophomores:  PSAT scores are expected to be available around December 10th.  Students can access these scores using the College Board website, with the email address you provided on the exam.  Counselors will visit your business classes on January 18th.    

Scholarships for Seniors:  We have created a Google Classroom for you to find all the needed materials and information related to Senior Year!  We hope this will be a 'one-stop-shop' to all things related to post-graduation.  Please join the classroom- 'Graduation Class of 2019' Classroom Code: x3s6j39


We are happy to help, so please give us a call or email for any questions or concerns!

All grades last names: A-F (+scholarship coordinator) Nicole Lake-

All grades last names:G-M Merideth Brock-

All grades last names:N-V Kara Cribley-

All grades last names:W-Z (+testing coordinator) Jennifer Blake- 

Upcoming SAT/ACT Testing


SAT Testing dates 2018-2019: August 25th, October 6th, November 3rd, December 1st, March 9th, May 4th, June 1st*.  Please register to test:

ACT Testing dates 2018-2019: September 8th*, October 27th, December 8th, February 9th, April 13th, June 8th*, July 13th.*.  Please register to test:

*The SAT & ACT will NOT be at VHS- but it is still a national test day 

Parents of Seniors who are applying to universities/colleges:

If your student wants to attend a 4-year institution right after high school, priority deadlines for most of the FL universities are around November 1st.  If your student has missed this deadline, please be sure to contact the universtiy, must schools accept late applications.  A transcript is usually required to fill out the applications that ask you to 'self report' and your student can request one from their school counselor and we will provide an advising guide for this.

The student is responsible for sending SAT/ACT scores to the colleges/universites they plan to attend.

*If you are a Dual Enrollment Student: Please make sure you contact Lake Sumter State College for your transcript with your Dual Enrollment classes on it.  This may be needed as you apply to universitites/colleges.  Be sure to check with each individual college/university.  Transcript request link for LSSC:

Khan Academy: The link below has resources to help students and parents navigate this challenging college process. These resources include video interviews and conversations with successful students from all walks of life and admissions officers and counselors at some of the nation's top schools.

ACT/SAT- College Entrance Testing:

Current Juniors and Seniors should be taking the SAT and ACT.  Registration needs to be completed online at and  Please see your school counselor if you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver (2 per test). 

What’s the difference between SAT and ACT?

Testing Time:  The time you have to complete the SAT and ACT is roughly the same — 3 hours for the SAT (+50 minutes for essay) versus 2 hours and 55 minutes for the ACT (+40 minute for writing).

Testing Structure: The SAT has 3 tests + optional essay.  The ACT has 4 tests + optional writing.  The SAT has 154 questions and the ACT has 215 questions. 

Time per question:  The SAT is 1 minute and 10 seconds.  The ACT is 49 seconds.

Score Range: SAT Composite score: 400-1600 (SAT Essay reported in 3 dimensions, each 2-8).  The ACT Composite score: 1-36 (writing doman scores: 2-12).

The SAT structure:

  • Reading (65 minutes; 52 questions)
  • Writing (35 minutes; 44 questions)
  • Math - no calculator (25 minutes; 20 questions)
  • Math - with calculator (55 minutes; 38 questions)
  • Essay- optional (50 minutes; 1 essay)

The ACT structure:

  • English (45 minutes; 75 questions)
  • Math (60 minutes; 60 questions)
  • Reading (35 minutes; 40 questions)
  • Science (35 minutes; 40 questions)
  • Writing-optional (40 minutes; 1 essay)

The biggest difference in the structure is the amount of time you get for each question. Do you work better under pressure, moving through material quickly and precisely without losing focus? If so, the ACT’s faster-paced sections might be a better choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer taking the time to consider and double-check your answers, the SAT might a better option for you. 

Remember: These college entrance test scores (ACT/SAT) are needed to be eligible for Bright Futures and for consideration by the Buffalo Scholarship Foundation!

High School Code/CEEB Code: 101833

SAT Test Center Site Code: 10381

ACT Test Center Site Code: 243870

Test Prep: for the SAT

Test Prep: - great prep for either SAT or ACT, create an account, complete learning games, etc.

Test Prep: and - click on top banner for SAT practice

Test Prep:

PERT- The Post Secondary Education Readiness Test:

The Post secondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.) is Florida's customized common placement test. The purpose of the P.E.R.T. is accurate course placement based on the student's skills and abilities. The P.E.R.T. is aligned with the Post secondary Readiness Competencies identified by Florida faculty as necessary for success in entry-level college credit coursework. The P.E.R.T. assessment system includes Placement and Diagnostic tests in mathematics, reading and writing.

How to become eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program:  Typically Sophomores will be tested in February who have a 3.00 unweighted GPA and take the PERT exam.  The P.E.R.T. is aligned with the Postsecondary Readiness Competencies identified by Florida faculty as necessary for success in entry-level college credit coursework. The P.E.R.T. assessment system includes Placement and Diagnostic tests in mathematics, reading and writing.

Juniors will also take the PERT exam in February, regardless of GPA.  This will help for placement of coursework in Senior year and allow another opportunity to take Dual Enrollment courses. The PERT is given a number of times at VHS but students can also take the exam at The College of Central Florida in Ocala or Lake Sumter State College for a small fee.    

For more informaiton about the Dual Enrollment program at VHS please contact Francine Costa or email her with your questions-


ASVAB Practice Test:

State University System of Florida:

College & Career search:

Private Colleges/Universities of Florida:

College Athletics information (Junior year):

Career Planning information including earning power:

College planning tips for Juniors:

College planning tips for Seniors:

College Price Planning tool for Seniors:

College Searching:

United States Department of Labor 'Bureau of Labor Statistics':


If you are in need of tutoring or extra help, consider attending 'Academic A-Day' on select Saturdays!  
Be sure to sing up using this from:
Homework/test help for Math, Science & English:

Khan Academy:

Varsity Tutors ACT:

Varsity Tutors SAT:

PDF Files

College Planning for Junior Year - Classroom presentation
Community Resources - List of resources in the community
Demonstration of Mastery - Updated 1.6.16
FAFSA/Financial Aid powerpoint -
FLVS registration directions - How to register for a FLVS course
Mid term exam schedule 2018 -
Program of Studies 2018-2019 -
Rising 9th graders - Powerpoint of parent night on 3/27/2018
Senior Parent Night PowerPoint 9/6/18 - Presentation about the College Planning process

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