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VHS Scholarships

Scholarships have been added to the Google Classroom at this time.  Please join the Google Classroom- 'Scholarships 2018' to have access to scholarships related to VHS: 

Google Classroom Code: gfmz6a

Now it is a good time to start creating your student resume and asking for letters of recommendation.  Please stop by the guidance office if you are in need of assistance! 

In State Universities and Scholarship Opportunities

We have put together a list of the top universities in the state of Florida and the scholarship opportunities that may be available for students that are accepted for admission. If the university that you will be attending is not on this list, please see your school counselor for more information.  The list is attached at the bottom of this page as a PDF document.

ONLINE SCHOLARSHIPS- Students will be competing with other High School seniors in the state of FL and/or on a National basis.

Women in Public Affairs Award: and review the criteria

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation: (deadline: November 14th 2017)

Capital Alliance College Scholarship: (deadline: December 1st 2017)

The Science Ambassador Scholarship: (deadline: December 11th 2017)

Jluggage's Annual Scholarship Award: (deadline: December 31st 2017)

Royal Rams: (deadline: January 31st 2018)

Florida Credit Union offers 3 sponsorship opportunities: Servin-Ellis Scholarship Fund, Buchholz Academy of Finance Scholarship, andDr. John C. Rawls Scholarship Fund: (deadline: February 9th 2018)

Summit Salon Academy-Gainesville: (deadline: January-May 2018)

B. Davis Scholarship: (deadline: May 22nd 2018)



Website for colleges and scholarships for students with disabilities:

Bright Futures (grade 12):  Seniors must fill out a FAFSA at  in order to receive Bright Futures.


Below are some helpful FAFSA videos and sites to help navigate this process.  The FAFSA applicaiton opened on October 1st 2016

FAFSA Free application

University of Florida FAFSA Toolkit:


PDFs Available Here: 


PDF Documents
2016-2017 Financial Aid overview - FAFSA/Financial Aid powerpoint from 11/14
Buffalo Pride 10/4/16 - Elite and Ivy League college/university
Buffalo Scholarship Foundation - Claim Form for all BSF scholarships
Top FL University and Program Scholarships - Scholarship information for FSU, UF, UCF, UNF, USF


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