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Our school has more to offer than just Pep Rallies and Dances. I mean, they are fun, but there are options we can suggest to help make our school the best!!!

Please share ANY suggestions or concerns for our school with your officers OR your homeroom President/Vice President. That way they can bring it up in the meeting and your voice can be heard!!

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2019-2020 Middle School Student Council Officers: 

8th Grade

President: Isabella Scott

Vice President: Isabella Sullivan

Secretary: Sophia Antonuccio

Treasurer: Janaiza Justin

Student Body Liason: Taylor Fugate


7th Grade

President: Lainey Sayers

Vice President: Lillian Probola

Secretary: Katie Campbell

Treasurer: Kyla Johnson

Student Body Liason: Emma Spell

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~~Our next school dance is October 18th.~~


We will have a live DJ!!!

Our theme is Fall/Halloween. The colors will be orange and black. Blacklights will also be set up.

*Contest for best, most creative costume*

3 raffles during the night

Tickets are two prices, depending on what your child would like to enjoy. 

5$ tickets include admission.

10$ (different color than 5$ ticket) tickets include admission AND personalized photos for them and their friends. They will receive an armband at the door upon presenting their "colored" ticket. They will be able to visit the professional photo booth as many times as they would like with their friends (as long as their friends have an armband as well). Each member in the group will receive a personalized copy of the photo. They will be able to visit the photo booth as many times as the line allows between 4 pm to 6 pm.

Food and souvenirs will be sold separately. Food prices range from .50-3.00$. Souvenir prices range from $1.00-$5.00.

Food will be catered popcorn chicken and pizza. There will be soft drinks and water for beverages as well as chips, candy, fruit, and any donated baked goods.

PI opportunities include contacting the front office to sign up to chaperone/set up from 2:00-6:30 pm. There are various jobs and responsibilities to sign up for, however, it is based on a first come, first served basis. You may also donate any of the following items to the dance: (remember to bring in the receipt with your name, your child's name, and their grade level written on it somewhere).

***Always individually packaged or prepared, please.***   Gluten and nut free items are always appreciated!

  1. Chips/pretzels/popcorn - all varieties
  2. Candy - FULL SIZE (not king or fun size) all varieties
  3. Baked goods - brownies, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc.
  4. Plates and napkins
  5. Water and soda - all varieties

A letter will be posted here as well as be sent out electronically as the dance date approaches. This will have the same specifics as well as dress code guidelines.


Please contact Mrs.Zisa or Mrs.Ortiz with any questions you might have.

Thank you,  

Student Council

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What's Trending:

We have a pep rally coming up on October 5th.  The sports that will be recognized are Girls Volleyball, Golf, and Cross Country. The game played in the pep rally will be a relay race. Five student names will be drawn from their grade level to compete in the races. Winners will receive a gift card and a pass to have lunch with two friends. 

Remember the deadline to be eligible to attend the pep rally is October 2nd! So keep them grades up and make good choices if you want to go!!!

If you are eligible and want to participate in the relay games at the pep rally, be sure to answer the riddle we will have in the lunchroom, the week of the pep rally. It will only be offered for one day, so be sure to be at school and don't forget to listen to morning announcements for when it will be in the lunchroom!

Pep Rally Guidelines:

  1. No OSS
  2. No ISS
  3. No more than 3 after-school detentions (I'm adding this one based on feedback from students and teachers)
  4. No more than 5 unexcused absences
  5. No more than 5 unexcused tardies
  6. No failing grades (this one will be for Quarter 1) in any courses



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