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Welcome to Art!

My name is Mr. Ferney and I am the Art teacher for The Villages Charter Middle School at Buffalo Ridge. I am in my second year of teaching but I bring with me several years of education and work experience. I hold an undergraduate degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Printmaking and a technical certification in Graphic Design. I also have multiple years of experience in Ceramics and Photography. I am passionate about multiple art forms and have an equal passion for enriching the lives of students in a way that will help to make them well-rounded people. My hope is to make a positive connection with the families of my students and I am excited to meet everyone. Just as much as I love helping others learn, I love learning from them as well. I look forward to seeing my students grow and growing more with them.



Below are links to an Electronic Signature Form for each specific class to be completed by the student and the parent together.

It is the student's FIRST ASSIGNMENT to make sure the form is filled out and submitted.


Included in the form is a link to the class syllabus. Please review the syllabus together.

7th/8th Grade - 2D Studio Art - 1st Period

7th/8th Grade - 2D Studio Art - 2nd Period

8th Grade - 3D Studio Art - 3rd Period

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 5th Period - Semester 1

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 6th Period - Semester 1

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 7th Period - Semester 1

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 5th Period - Semester 2

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 6th Period - Semester 2

6th Grade - Exploring 2D Art - 7th Period - Semester 2



 In the section below you will find the class calender for the student's specific class. Please scroll through and find the correct class the student is enrolled in.
































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