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Bottom of Backpack

Below you will find a variety of information that has been sent home over the past month and has most likely found its way to the "Bottom of the Backpack" instead of reaching the intended destination, you, our parents. This list is sorted by school site. Flyers and mailings that are sent home from school will be posted the day we anticipated arrival to you. We hope that this link will be beneficial and assist you in staying abreast of information that might not otherwise make it out of the "Backpack Abyss".

Below you will find the expected/required items that students should have in their backpacks on any given school day.


  • Kindergarten: 1" binder with agenda planner and take home papers and library book
  • 1st grade: 1" binder with agenda planner and take home papers, baggy book, and library book
  • 2nd grade: Folder or 1" binder for take home papers, agenda planner, and 1-2 library books
  • 3rd grade: Folder for take home papers, agenda planner, 1-2 library books, and if they don't have computer access at home sometimes their science book or literature anthology book
  • 4th grade: 1" binder with agenda planner inside and 1-2 library books. If there is an upcoming test, students also take home their study guide/composition book.
  • 5th grade: Maximum of 3 folders, agenda planner, 1-2 library books and periodically the social studies book right before a test or if needed for homework (if student does not have computer access to the book or prefers the book), pencil pouch with pencil, glue stick, pens, scissors. Mrs. Kacanich and Mrs. Lee's students use a 1 inch binder instead of the folders.
  • Gifted: One folder for take home papers
  • Speech: One folder for take home papers

Middle School

  • Required every day by all students are the following: chromebook, notebook paper, a couple of pencils, one library book, a pen and a highlighter.
  • Science & Math are consumable textbooks and only require the students to bring the current chapter they are working on to class.
  • In 6th grade ELA, Social Studies and Science, Intensive Reading, Spanish require a brad/pocket folder and Math requires a subject area notebook.
  • 7th grade Civics, Science, Math, Health, Intensive Reading require a folder. ELA and Spanish require a subject area notebook.
  • 8th grade ELA, Science, Social Studies, Health and Intensive Reading require a folder.

High School

  • Grades 9-12 Required: Chromebook, notebook paper, a few writing utensils, highlighters, calculator, and sticky notes. Some teachers require a binder; however, many of those teachers allow students to leave the binder in the classroom. Students often combine multiple classes in one binder with distinct divided sections, which is acceptable according to most teachers who require notebooks.
  • Career and Technical Academies: Chromebook, notebook paper, a few writing utensils, SD Card, USB Drive
  • English: Chromebook, writing utensils, highlighters, sticky notes, and library book
  • Math: Chromebook, notebook paper, a few writing utensils, calculator, and binder (some teachers allow this to be kept in the classroom).
  • Science: Chromebook, notebook, and writing utensils
  • Social Studies: Chromebook and writing utensils
  • Foreign Language: Chromebook, Binder, notebook paper, and earbuds.

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