The Villages Central Office

Food Service Director’s Message

Dear Parent/Guardian,

PayPAMS is a convenient way of managing your child’s food service account from any computer connected to the internet. This program allows you to make deposits into your child’s food service account, set up an automatic payment system, view account balances, view cafeteria purchases, and receive email notification of low balances. To utilize this system, you must visit the website to register and create an account.

To help monitoring food service accounts, here are a handful of key points:

  • It takes 1-2 school days before balances and cafeteria purchases information for new registrants can be displayed.
  • It takes 1-2 school days for a payment to replenish your child’s account at the school cafeteria. Your balance on the PayPAMS website will reflect your recent payment only after the school cafeteria confirms receipt of payment.
  • There will be a charge of $1.95 for every transaction. This charge helps to maintain the website and to cover the cost of processing payments.
  • PayPAMS currently accepts MasterCard and Discover cards. Recently, PayPAMS had to stop accepting Visa credit/debit card payments due to Visa regulations.
  • A link to the PayPAMS website will be available on our school’s website. You will find this link on our central office page as well as on the “Menu” page for each school site.

We hope that you find the new PayPAMS system to be a helpful tool as you manage and monitor your child’s food service account from home.